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Frenchie's Paw Butter

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Our Frenchie's paws do need have a certain amount of "toughness" to them. They don't need to be "baby-butt" soft. But their pads don't have to be rough, dry and scratch when you touch them or they jump on your legs. Paw Butter softens enough to be more comfortable for you and them!


  • PAW BUTTER is perfect for that extra layer of loving attention our best friends need. 
  • Pads cushion and protect your dog's paws and act like mini-shock absorbers.
  • Using all-natural ingredients, this balm is formulated to soothe your best friend’s dry, cracked, chapped or rough paws.
  • Smoothing this balm onto your pet’s toes regularly will also help prevent irritation, moisturize, and maintain their paw health.

How To Use:

* DAB a bit onto your dog’s paws 1-3x a day for 2-3 days (until paws improve and then as needed for maintenance)
* MASSAGE PAW BUTTER into each pad, taking the time to examine each pad and examine for irregularities
* DISTRACT with a treat to keep your dog from licking PAW BUTTER off before it gets its work done
* DONE! 

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